Posted on June 03, 2017 - just97. Doutaini We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Doutaini One of two entrances into Doutaini, Kuro Pit is a wasteland of mud and shadows that stretches far into a mountainous horizon. Here the ground is a mixture of packed earth, watery soil, and thick mud that worsens or betters with the weather.


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Legends - Doutaini When Doutaini was met with scorn and disdain from the gods, it was Liam first who inspired Haya to join the mortal realm and grace her wolves with her acceptance, perhaps a sign to the end of many curses that had transpired before this divine event. Doutaini Doutaini: This bulletin board is currently closed. The Administrator has specified the reason as to why below. Doutaini is currently offline while we transfer to the new server, please check back later today.

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